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"Richie is one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with. His passion is unmatched and truly cares more about his clients than anyone I’ve known. You should work with him if you want sales for your online business"

Marty Pesis

Director of Marketing at Cameo

"He is spectacular at marketing. He only made a few tweaks in the last two days and we are up 25% on average. That’s nuts."

John Jaquish

Creator of X3

"Richie cares a lot about his clients. He is very professional and loyal. I would definitely recommend him for any of your marketing needs. He is an entrepreneur and understands a lot of what small business owners deal with."

Rainie Howard

Best-Selling Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an agency?

I consider my business more innovative, modern, and personalized than a typical agency. RAllen Digital is a web firm and venture lab. My company focuses on 2 sectors – Digital Assets and Digital Delivery. Just as someone would own stocks and real estate as assets, I own and sell digital assets composed of online brands and products. I also do a service-based approach through my “Digital Delivery” sector. I consult with other businesses to build more profitable online businesses.

Why should I choose you over other marketers?

Besides having the actual skills and knowledge to convert online, I also possess certain intangibles that you can’t find in other marketers or agencies. I am an entrepreneur who has been through many of the highs and lows that you will experience as a business owner. I look at my money like your money. I know how it feels to run a business and wear numerous hats at the same time. I look at my service like an elevator. Most people need to take the stairs to build a profitable online business but I can put you on the elevator. While I can’t guarantee you results, one thing is for certain...I will save you a lot of headaches and frustration from investing loads of time and money into things that won’t work. I know what works. I’ve grown up in the age of digital and tried just about every relevant digital strategy out there.

How do you compete against bigger agencies?

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of ideation, production, and distribution, working with big agencies are often less agile, flexible, and collaborative than what my service offers. While they may have the resources and skills to grow your business, it will certainly be way more expensive and you’ll get way less personalized support. There are likely bottlenecks in the long chain of command at larger agencies. When you work with me and my team, however, the feedback loop is much shorter. To me, every client is a mega-client.

Will you guarantee results and/or estimate an ROI?

I have worked with a variety of different clients in the past. There have been instances where my work increased a client’s online business by 40% in just one week. Some results aren’t as quick. The market is fickle and everything done by me or anyone from my team is on a best efforts basis. If there was a way to game the system, everyone would do it, this is a practice, not a science. Every niche within every market is different. Should we work together in the future, that dynamic will not change.

Do I just work with you or is there a team involved?

As with any agency, no individual person can physically do it all. I do the entire strategy and consider myself as the brains behind the operation. You mainly speak with me. You won’t have to deal with a long chain of command that you may find at other agencies.

I don’t have an online business yet and want to start one. Can you still help me?

Of course! That’s why my clients can relate to me so much. I started most of my online brands with just an idea and literally no social proof. Therefore, I know what it takes to start a brand from scratch and turn a large profit. I am confident we can find the right idea for you that we can turn into a viable online business.

What types of businesses do you work with?

I work with small businesses with small budgets to larger corporations with massive budgets. I help businesses sell everything from tangible physical products to digital info products (eBooks, videos, etc.). In other words, I can work with nearly any type of product or business in most niches and industries.